Message to Parents


Dear Parents,


Students will need to keep their binders organized, using moose books, we help students organize their binders and teach resposibility. Students are responsible to bring a binder to school. In the binder the following will be added.


(Inside it will look like this.)

 This note book is used as a tool to keep students organized and help them with responsibility. This organized binder will keep your child organized and keep parents informed of school activities. Please have your child bring their binder everyday.
Monthly Newsletters and Lunch menu

The newsletter will have important dates and reminders of special events at our school, concepts we will be focusing on in all areas, and other important information. This will be in a plastic pocket.
 Really Important Papers to Sign and Return
This section will include field trip forms and any thing else students need to bring back. Please check carefully, they need to be signed by a parent before returning them back. After signing the papers please put papers back in the plastic pocket.

Parent/Teacher Communication Folder 

In the binder there will be a folder labeled parent/ teacher communication. Students will put in work they have done throughout the day that should be emptied out by the parents. Also this is where parents can send notes to school.   Please stress to your children that this is ONLY for your teacher and parents, they are responsible to tell me that their is a note in the folder.  I would also ask that you leave any notes that we may write in the notebook so that we can look back and remember any communications we may have had.  This will help me remember what we've discussed and when we discussed it. Also, please remind your child to tell me when there is a note in the notebook from you. I try to check it regularly, but occasionally we get busy and a note goes unread. Also, this folder will contain any notes from school, notes from our Principal, school district as well as classroom information, etc.

This folder is also for sending excuses to school when your child is ill. If a doctor has seen your child, please send notification of that as well.

Homework Folder

This folder will contain homework papers.   Please return them in the same pocket. Your child will also have reading homework on a nightly basis.  Please keep all folders in the binder so that they have them the next day. Also, please sign their planner, signing means you checked their homework and they did it all and please sign their SFA homework.. 

Money/Pencil Pocket

Inside the binder please add a pencil pocket.  Use this case to send in lunch money, book orders, money for field trips, etc.  Please provide one for your child. If you cannot buy one, a simple zip lock bag works too, just poke holes in it.